Bocs 12 Caniau / 12 Can Box – Ar gael Awst/Available August – PRE ORDER ONLY


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12 Bocs o 330 ml Pyncio Pioden IPA ~ Pretty Fly for a Magpie.

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Rydym wedi'i effeithio gan y llifogydd yn Chwefror. Dim ond poteli o Cwrw’r Afr Serchog a Pyncio Pioden IPA sydd ar gael - rydym yn cymryd archebion blaenllaw hefyd fel nodir. Plîs bydd yn amyneddgar, gall eich archeb cymryd dros wythnos i bostio. // Our brewery was damaged by the floods in February. Currently we have Horny Goat Ale and Pretty Fly for a Magpie in bottles. Pre-order now for other beers as indicated! Please be patient, it may take over a week to post after the product becomes available. Dismiss